Jenkins : Clang Scan-Build Plugin

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'clang-scanbuild-plugin' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This plugin allows you to execute Clang scan-build against Mac or iPhone XCode projects or other scan-build compatible build tools.


This plugin allows you configure a build step that will execute the Clang scan-build static analysis tool against an XCode project. This plugin also provides a Post-build Action that will archive the HTML reports and generate a trend graph.

The following features are provided by this plug-in:

  • Clang tool installations so you can configure locations differently on slaves
  • Clang scan-build build step which allows you to provide XCode settings such as: target, SDK, & configuration
  • Dashboard trend chart which details the bug count over time visible on your job's dashboard page
  • New bugs since the last build are highlighted so they are easy to identify
  • A publisher which will archive the scan-build HTML reports and will optionally fail the build if the bug count exceeds the configured threshold

Please use the mailing lists or issue tracker to ask questions, create feature request, or create bug reports.


  • First install Clang scan-build onto the Jenkins master or slave which will be executing your XCode builds. You can download clang at the following url:
  • Setup a Clang scan-build installation in the Jenkins main configuration. (Manage Jenkins). You should give your installation a unique name and provide a path to the scan-build folder unless your master will never execute Clang scan-build jobs.
  • Edit your Job configuration by adding a 'Clang scan-build' Build Step.
  • Choose the installation you wish to use (likely the one you just added).
  • Provide the appropriate XCode build settings (target, SDK, & configuration).

Sample job using make

  • To invoke scan-build from the command-line using make, create a job with Build Step - Execute Shell such as:
    make clean
    rm -rf ${WORKSPACE}/clangScanBuildReports
    scan-build -o ${WORKSPACE}/clangScanBuildReports -v -v --use-cc clang --use-analyzer=/usr/bin/clang make
  • If you wish to have results published, add the Post-build Action - Publish Clang scan-build reports.


Release 1.7

Release 1.6

Release 1.5

  • Update to Jenkins core parent dependency to 1.580.1
  • Change minimum isApplicable() level to AbstractProject, for compatibility with inheritance plugin.
  • Add support for clang static analyzer >= 270
  • Add the ability to exclude files from scan-build analysis.
  • Update the publisher to copy all available reports.
  • Remove hardcoded "Xcode 4".
  • Add default arguments for xcodebuild and scan-build.
  • Update e-mail address for Josh Kennedy.

Release 1.4

  • Added code to implement JENKINS-15902 - xcode build arguments can now be specified. They will be added to the end of the command.

Release 1.3.1

  • Fixed JENKINS-9251 - If you are using a master/slave configuration the clang scan-build tool home can now be left blank on the master and configured on each slave.
  • Fixed another bug which was causing a 500 error when saving the scan-build tool configuration.

Release 1.3

  • Merged patch provided by github user 'tru' which passes Jenkins environment variables through the plugin and makes them available to scan-build.  This enables passing down variables such as BUILD_NUMBER and other Jenkins environment variables.
  • Added the ability to provide arbitrary arguments in the build action configuration which are passed to scan-build.  

Release 1.2

  • Patch provided by Kenji21 to fix a bug when building on a slave.
  • Bug reports are now created on the slave and copied to the master so that they are accessible in your browser

Release 1.1

  • Support for X-Code 4

Release 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • Clang scan-build build step
  • Clang scan-build report publisher
  • Supports XCode projects within workspace subfolders