Jenkins : Browser Compatibility Matrix

Jenkins web browser support falls into one of three classes:

  1. Level 1:  Aim to proactively fix these browsers and provide an equal UX across all.
  2. Level 2:  Accept patches to fix issues and make a best effort to ensure there is at least one way to do any action.
  3. Level 3:  No guarantees. We will accept patches, but only if they are low risk. This is the default unless a browser/version is listed below.

We do not claim any compatibility with, or accept bug reports and patches, for pre-release (e.g. alpha, beta or canary) versions of browsers.


Level 1

Level 2


Google Chrome

Latest regular release


Mozilla Firefox

Latest regular release
Latest ESR release



Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 11

Versions 9 and 10

Specific OS Versions?

Apple Safari

Versions 6 and newer

Version 5 release (OS X only)


These rules were adopted on 2014-09-03 for Jenkins 1.579 and up.

Unless otherwise noted, only the latest minor release / patch level of each version is supported.

Support for mobile browsers (e.g. iOS Safari) has not yet been determined