Jenkins : Beagle Security Plugin

This plugin can be used to trigger beagle penetration testing from jenkins

Plugin Information

View Beagle Security on the plugin site for more information.

What is Beagle?

Beagle is an intelligent and holistic platform to make your applications hack-proof. The platform provides continuous and automated Penetration Testing (under human supervision) for organizations, so that they can always stay on top of the cyber threats.

In short, Beagle finds out how deep your system can be penetrated. Know it before the hackers do!

* [Beagle Security]( - Visit for more Details!


Obtain application token and user token from Beagle. So you need a valid Beagle account.

To get User Token

  • Go to
  • Generate your user token from Beagle user settings
  • Settings -> Access Token -> Generate your new personal access token

To Get the Application Token

  • Go to
  • Get your application's token from Beagle application settings page
  • Home -> Applications -> Select your application -> Settings -> Application token


Beagle Security


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see this file for details


usertoken.png (image/png)
apptoken.png (image/png)