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Plugin Information

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A plugin to handle red builds in Jenkins. The plugin allows users to volunteer to investigate/fix red builds. It also creates a report with all volunteers and a summary report of all the current red builds in a view. For develops it's possible to extend the attention plugin to create your own build failure detection to populete the issue list.


 After installing the plugin you need to setup the plugin for sending mail and also adding the teams. Go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure System. 

This plugin will also require that you enable user security and the users need to login before they can volunteer.

Volunteer to fix/investigate build

When a build goes red there will be a volunteer section on the build page where the users can volunteer them self or another user/team. The one volunteered will be notified via mail (if different from the logged in user).

Build Failure Report

The Build Failure report will list all the failed builds in the current view. Information such as number of failures and who broke the build initially will be displayed.

Volunteer Report

The volunteer report lists the builds that contains volunteers. At the beginning of the page the builds that the current user has volunteered for will be shown.

Extension point

If you are a developer and want to add your own issue detection you can write a class to your own plugin that extends the AttentionExtension class

Maven dependency



public class JunitAttentionExtension extends AttentionExtension {

    public List<DetectedIssue> getIssues(Run<?, ?> run) {
        List<TestResultAction> actions = run.getActions(TestResultAction.class);
        List<DetectedIssue> issues = new LinkedList<DetectedIssue>();

        for (TestResultAction action : actions) {
            List<CaseResult> failedTests = action.getFailedTests();
            for (CaseResult result : failedTests) {
                DetectedIssue issue = new DetectedIssue(TestResultAction.class.getName());
                issue.setupTestFailure(result.getTitle(), result.getErrorDetails(), result.getFailedSince(),

        return issues;



Version 1.1 (relased October 10, 2015)

  • Made the dependency to junit optional
  • Fixed a bug that would print the smtp password when configuring Jenkins

Version 1.0 (released October 09, 2015)

  • The attention plugin was released to the public.


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