Jenkins : Aliyun Container Service Deploy Plugin

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'aliyun-container-service-deploy' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.


Jenkins is a greate continuous delivery system.But you will find a little confused When the continuous delivery job meets ths Aliyun Container Service.Because current plugins can't relect the logical concepts in Aliyun Container Service such as application,service and something else. The Aliyun-Container-Service-Deploy plugin get through the gap between Jenkins and Aliyun Container Service.You can simply place a docker-compose configuration file in the root directory of the code repository.The plugin will detect the specific docker-compose configuration file , revoke the api of the Aliyun Container Service and Deploy the application to the remote Aliyun Container Clusters.


After installing the plugin,you'll get a new Build Step entry named "Aliyun Container Service Deploy". Fill the configuration and it will deploy the docker-compose configuration when the pre build step build successfully.



MasterUrl is the endpoint of a container can find the value on the console of <a href="" target="_blank"/>Aliyun Container Service</a>.


Application is a logical concept in Aliyun Container Service.Application is the mininum unit of a single releasement.A standard application consist of several services and a service consist of serveral containers.If you want to deploy a application to Aliyun Container Service. You need to come up a awesome name firstly.


ComposeTemplate is the configuration of the application. The blank requires the relative path of the docker-compose.If your docker-compose.yml is under the path of docker/docker-compose.yml.Just fill the blank with the path.


HostCredetials are the certs of the target cluster. You can visit the remote container cluster with the specific certs on any computer with a docker client.

open the pem files , extract the content and fill the blank below.

Known issues

  • not support blue-green development

Need help

YuJia Qin



  • beta version